Wendy offers a variety of planning packages with a range of professional services tailored to the unique needs of the student and family.

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Our Services: Comprehensive College Planning Packages

Comprehensive Packages for Juniors and Seniors Include:

  • Full review of student's high school record (academics and activities)
  • Advice on high school course selection and recommendations for extracurricular activities and summer opportunities
  • Standardized test planning
  • In-depth meetings to review student's qualifications and identify what s/he is looking for in a college
  • Preparation of a preliminary college list and research report based on student's unique profile and expressed goals
  • Guidance to narrow the list to an application list of schools that will provide the right academic, cultural, and financial fit
  • Advice on requesting letters of recommendation
  • Guidance in brainstorming and developing essays and activity resumes
  • Application review and proofreading
  • College interview preparation
  • Help making the final decision, including advice for deferred and waitlisted students
  • Tools and strategies for staying on top of details and deadlines
Packages culminate in a well-structured plan that breaks the process into manageable tasks and preserves family harmony.

Consulting for Freshmen and Sophomores at Discounted Rate

Wendy begins working with students as early as 9th and 10th grades to develop a strategic plan that will maximize personal growth and optimize the high school experience for college planning purposes. For families who choose a comprehensive plan for 11th and 12th grades, consulting services during 9th and 10th grades are provided at a reduced hourly rate.

Free Initial Consultation

This meeting is provided to explain how colleges make admissions decisions, the benefits of working with an educational consultant, and ways Wendy can help your child with the admissions process.

Hourly Consultation and Customized Service Blocks

Wendy offers hourly consultation services. Clients may also purchase a pre-paid multi-hour block of time to be used for any service.

Guidance for Students Looking for Strong Jewish Communities

A long-time volunteer in Jewish educational institutions, Wendy understands that the backgrounds and requirements of Jewish students vary. What's a "great" Jewish community differs from student to student. To help her Jewish students find the communities that are right for them, Wendy meets regularly with Hillel directors and student leaders to learn about Jewish life and the broader culture on their campuses.