Wendy Kahn College Consulting offers tailored insight and inspiration as you embark upon the college admissions journey.

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Wendy works with a diverse range of students, identifying their unique needs and helping them navigate all phases of the admissions process, from building the application list through making the final college choice. Wendy creates a customized plan for each of her students to keep them on track and minimize stress every step of the way. She limits the number of students she works with so she can give each student and family the full attention they deserve. With her flexible hours, Wendy gives students one-on-one guidance and a highly personalized experience they just can't receive elsewhere.


When you hire Wendy, you get Wendy; she is with every one of her students every step of the way, never farming out or delegating any element of the application process to others. Take your first step towards achieving a successful college admission outcome. Contact Wendy to talk about your needs and how she can help.